An Image Dictated from the Outside is a series including post-photographs, video and two objects. The project is a collaboration with Agata Knec who designed the music for the exhibition, 2021.

UV prints on black PCV hanging from the celling on steel rods (65x100, 80x100, 75x100 cm)
Video in a loop (30 sec)
Metal cube with adhesive vinyl print on it (h 30 cm)
Silicone black object with a speaker
Manifesto of the Post-photographic Image
Music composed by Agata Knec

The project was inspired by the early work of Krzysztof Bucki that focuses on formal experiments. Bucki was a painter who worked in Opole, Poland actively creating the Opole artistic community (from 1961). The exhibition is an attempt to reconstruct the issues that the artist dealt with - the methodology of creating images based on complex reasoning supported by maths. Zoledz relates these issues to the nature of digital photography and argues with the possibility of capturing an image with any methodology. From the analysis of Bucki's compositions, it is clear that it is not the aesthetic contemplation of geometric forms that inspires him, but scientific inquisitiveness, logic of thinking and mathematical speculation (Kowal, 1963).The exhibition was created thanks to the scholarship of the Marshal of the Opolskie Voivodeship "Marszałkowskie Talenty" and is co-founded by the Opolskie Voivodeship. 


Exhibition views: Galeria Pierwsze Piętro, Opole, Poland, 2021.