The Rabbit Hole, instalation:  print on a clear adhesive vinyl (35 x 50 cm), speaker with audio, 2021.

The audio is a collaboration between myself and Katarzyna Kalaniuk.


The sound from The Rabbit Hole was created especially for the invitation by ArtBizTech - an organization focusing on rethinking business and technology through artistic research, and was a part of a theoretical workshop on post-photography on the sound-based social media app - Clubhouse.

Curatorial text:
On the audio-based platform Clubhouse, we will hear from artist Magdalena Zoledz about the secret lives of digital images and what they sound like. The Internet appears to be an infinite stream of images and other visual content, but if we were to focus on a single image and contemplate how it came to be, might we understand the world differently? Consequently, to what extent do post-production software affect our understanding of the world?

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Exhibition view: Salon Wiosenny, a group show, Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, 2021.