Vacant Dream State, publication created in collaboration with 280a, edition 200, 2019

“Located on a green island covered by palm trees in the middle of the ocean, a group of artists tries to digitally archive its flora, fauna, and all its physical and metaphysical content in various medias. By constructing and collecting material on this island, they lose themselves in a fragmented narration which forms the non-linear reading of this collection. A link system in the book guides the reader through various possible story lines. The texts and image entries are an approach to define the island and all its (digital) content.

The narrative structure found in VACANT DREAM STATE is extended by an augmented video story, told in eight chapters. This parallel story line allows the reader to get closer insights into the idea of constructing and re-constructing nature, identity and reality within the island’s own organism.

At the end of the book - in case there is one - the reader is left behind with the question wether or not our surrounded natural environment is something real or by something called real or are we already living in our own simulations.”

txt by 280a
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Video & photo: Martin Bollati, 3D image: Phillip Pees