...When the Internet Was Slow, 4 element installation:  UV print on aluminium (70 x 100 cm), monologue (recording), print on adhesive vinyl (40 x 60 cm), 3 metal pixels on the floor, 2019.

This artwork is a part of my ongoing research initiated in 2017, which focuses on experimenting with the evolution of digital images in the human world. While investigating the subject of the online visual world, I came across many pejorative terms and statements – such as ‘low resolution’, ‘lack of aura’, ‘being just a copy’, ‘orphaned images’, ‘visual overflow’ or even ‘image pollution’. Inspired by popular meditation guides available online, I created an imaginary monologue in which the digital image tries to free itself from everyday worries, as well as those associated with its physicality.

Dream About the Past
, UV print on aluminium, 70 x 100 cm & monologue, audio (voice: David Blackmore, sound postproduction: Ernst Lima)
Grey Crystal, print on adhesive vinyl, 40 x 60 cm
3 metal pixels on the floor


Exhibition views: Slade Degre Show, Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London, 2019.