You Are Only an Image to Me, in collaboration with a compositor Tomasz Litra, a series of artworks, and the performance during the opening, 2018.

Collaboration with Tomasz Litra began in 2017, when during a casual conversation, I asked him: what does yellow sound like? A day later, Litra responded with a piece of music, starting a further dialogue. The workflow we experienced could be described as a non-linguistic attempt of communication between two artists who use various media: photography and sound. The final part of the exchange was creating a 10-minute video and inviting Litra to interpret the abstract video through the means of sound improvisation. The audio-visual performance happened during the opening.
Fragments from the review by I-Chien Tang:

How image becomes autonomy and how do they represent themselves? In the contemporary digital culture, we are situated in a state in which image is endlessly recycled, renewed, displaced and multiplied on the screen. Due to its nature of repetitively edited and reconfigured, viewer participates and intervenes the life of image in varied forms, “images-within-images”. The exhibition You Are Only an Image to Me features a video work produced by artist Magdalena Zoledz and musician Tomasz Litra. Utilizing CCTV footage in a gallery in Poland, artist Magdalena Zoledz introduces us continued disordered glitches from the footage, which only pixel of colors survive on the screen [...].

In response to the imperfection footage, musician Tomasz Litra also subverts traditional notions of sound by assembling essays written by Unica Zürn, William S. Burroughs and Mike Patton in the video as the soundscape. As one glances into the monochrome of colors the recitation from the text Der Mann im Jasmin (The Man in Jasmine, 1971 brings us to the reading constantly interrupted by the alternate visionary interpreted one's psychological state. The sculptural video installation thus not only embodies an audio-visual device, but also a hallucinating process which viewer is capable to re-access the fragmented materials and to reform the site of knowledge.
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Frames from the You Are Only an Image to Me, video, 15:42 min, ︎︎︎link.

CRACK, print on adhesive vinyl, 80 x 202 cm.

Exhibition view: San Mei Gallery, London 2018.