Just as an atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element, a pixel is the smallest constituent unit of digital ordinary matter. A glitch is not just a technological mistake made by <cold> computers. It is also a metaphor for humanity's misconception that humans are at the center of the world. What if they are not?                                   

The video captures the moment in which the CCTV camera stops performing its task, as designed by man. As a result of the feedback of erroneous information, the software creates its own ‘interpretation of seen reality’. Through visible glitches, man becomes merely a mosaic of shapes and colours. That, in turn, provokes a deeper need for abstract thought, which in the artist’s mind can only belong to the human domain..

The opening was accompanied by an audio-visual performance in which Tomasz Litra, using piano and other instruments, interpreted the abstract video through the means of sound improvisation.
You Are Only an Image to Me, duo exhibition with compositor Tomasz Litra, San Mei Gallery, curated by ONE Project, London 2018. 

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Audio-visual performance during the opening, 10 min, documentation: link
frames from the video You Are Only an Image to Me, video, 15:42 min
You Are Only an Image to Me, video, 15:42 min, link
PrtSc, subli transfer, 16 x 26 cm
CRACK, print on adhesive vinyl, 80 x 202 cm
In the Image and Likeness, UV print on metal cubes (3 cm)
Yellow, pigment ink print, 100 x 100 cm & sound (link)

Digital Melancholia, Paper Factory, Poznan, Poland, 2020.
You Are Only an Image to Me, solo exhibition, San Mei Gallery, London 2019.
Sharing Borders, group show, part of the Sharing Borders Conference, Slade Research Centre, UCL, London 2019.
Catching Files, group show, Studio 3 Gallery, School of Arts at the University of Kent in Canterbury, 2019.

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You Are Only an Image to Me, Review by I-Chien Tang, 2018.
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